Washing Machine Repairing Service In UAE

Our experienced technicians specialize in washing machine repair, providing efficient solutions for any malfunctions. Count on us to keep your washing machine running smoothly and effectively.

Washing Machine Fixing & Repairing Service

At Rapid Fixer, we prioritize customer satisfaction when it comes to washing machine repair. Our experienced technicians are dedicated to providing efficient and reliable solutions to address any issues with your washing machine. Whether your machine is not spinning, leaking, or displaying error codes, we have the expertise to diagnose and repair the problem promptly. With our in-depth knowledge of various washing machine brands and models, we ensure that your appliance is restored to optimal functionality. Trust Rapid Fixer for all your washing machine repair needs and enjoy the convenience of a well-functioning appliance that keeps your laundry routine smooth and hassle-free.

Washing Machine Types We Repair

We repair various types of washing machines at Rapid Fixer, including top-load washers, front-load washers, compact washers, and stackable washers. Our skilled technicians are well-versed in diagnosing and repairing issues across different brands and models to ensure your washing machine operates efficiently.

Top Loading Washing Machine

We provide expert repair services for top-loading washing machines, addressing any issues that may arise with your appliance. Count on us for reliable and efficient service to keep your washer running smoothly.

Front Loading Washing Machine


Our skilled technicians specialize in front-loading washing machine repair, providing efficient solutions for any malfunctions. Count on us to keep your washer functioning optimally and effectively.

Fully Automatic Washing Machine

We offer professional repair services for fully automatic washing machines, ensuring efficient and reliable performance. Trust our skilled technicians to address any issues and keep your machine running smoothly.

Semi Automatic Washing Machine

Our experienced technicians specialize in semi-automatic washing machine repair, providing efficient solutions for any malfunctions. Count on us to keep your machine in optimal working condition.

Portable Washing Machine

We provide reliable repair services for portable washing machines, ensuring efficient and effective performance. Trust our skilled technicians to address any issues and keep your portable washer running smoothly.


Tumble Dryer & Washing Machine

At Rapid Fixer, we offer repair services for both tumble dryers and washing machines. Our skilled technicians can address any issues, ensuring both appliances function efficiently and effectively.


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Possible causes could include a power supply issue, a faulty door switch, or a problem with the control board. It’s best to check the power connection and consult a professional for further diagnosis.

Leaks can occur due to a variety of reasons, such as a damaged water inlet valve, a worn-out hose, or a faulty pump. Inspect these components for any signs of damage or blockage, and replace or repair them as needed.

Noisy washing machines can indicate problems with the drum bearings, worn-out belts, or loose components. It’s advisable to stop using the machine and contact a technician to identify the exact cause and perform the necessary repairs.

This issue could be due to a malfunctioning drain pump, a clogged filter, or an imbalance in the load. Clean the filter and check the drain pump for any blockages. If the problem persists, it’s best to seek professional assistance.

A non-spinning washing machine may have a defective motor coupling, a broken belt, or an issue with the lid switch. Inspect these components for any visible damage and consult a professional technician to address the problem.

Foul odors in washing machines can result from a buildup of mold, mildew, or bacteria. Clean the drum, gasket, and detergent dispenser regularly using a solution of vinegar and water. Also, leave the door open after each cycle to allow airflow and prevent moisture buildup.

Error codes indicate specific faults in the washing machine. Consult the manufacturer’s manual or their website to identify the meaning of the error code. In some cases, it might require professional attention to resolve the underlying issue.