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As the leading washer-dryer repair in UAE, we employ the best technicians and electricians to help our clients. 

Washer Dryer Fixing & Repairing Service

If you’re in need of prompt and reliable washer dryer fixing and repairing service, look no further than Rapid Fixir. Our team of skilled technicians is dedicated to providing efficient and effective solutions for all your washer dryer repair needs. Whether your appliance is not starting, experiencing leaks, making unusual noises, or facing any other issue, we have the expertise to diagnose and fix the problem promptly. With years of experience in the field, we understand the importance of a functioning washer dryer in your daily routine, and we strive to deliver top-notch service that restores your appliance to optimal performance. Trust Rapid Fixir for quick and professional washer dryer repairs that you can count on.

Washer Dryer Types We Repair

At Rapid Fixir, we specialize in repairing a wide range of washer dryer types to meet your specific needs. Whether you have a top-loading washer with a separate dryer, a front-loading combination unit, or a stackable washer-dryer set, our skilled technicians are well-equipped to handle repairs for all types of models and brands.

From addressing common issues like motor problems, drum malfunctions, or faulty control panels to diagnosing and fixing complex electrical or mechanical problems, we have the expertise to get your washer dryer back up and running in no time. Trust us to provide reliable and efficient repairs for your washer dryer, regardless of its type.

Top Loading Dryer Washer Machine

The top-loading dryer washer machine offers convenient loading and unloading, allowing you to easily access your laundry. It combines the functions of a washer and a dryer in a single unit.

Front Loading Dryer washer Machine


The front-loading dryer washer machine provides efficient cleaning and drying capabilities while saving space. With its sleek design and easy access, it’s a perfect choice for compact laundry areas.

Fully Automatic Dryer washer Machine

The fully automatic dryer washer machine takes care of all your laundry needs with its advanced features. From washing to drying, it offers convenience and efficiency, making laundry a breeze.

Semi Automatic Dryer washer Machine

The semi-automatic dryer washer machine offers a balance of control and convenience. With separate washing and drying functions, it allows you to manually transfer clothes, providing flexibility and efficiency in your laundry routine.

Portable Dryer washer Machine


The portable dryer washer machine is designed for versatility and convenience. With its compact size and lightweight construction, it can be easily moved and utilized in smaller spaces or while traveling.

Tumble Dryer & Condenser

The tumble dryer with condenser technology offers efficient and hassle-free drying. With its built-in condenser, it eliminates the need for external venting, making it suitable for various living spaces.


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Possible causes could include a faulty heating element, a defective thermostat, or a malfunctioning thermal fuse. It’s advisable to check these components and consult a professional for further assistance.

A dryer that doesn’t spin may have a broken belt, a faulty motor, or a problem with the idler pulley. Inspect these components for any visible damage and consider reaching out to a technician for repairs.

Loud noises from a dryer can indicate issues with the drum bearings, worn-out belts, or loose components. It’s recommended to stop using the appliance and seek professional help to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Several factors can contribute to extended drying times, such as a clogged lint filter, a blocked vent hose, or a malfunctioning thermostat. Clean the lint filter and check the venting system, or consult a professional for assistance.

A dryer that repeatedly shuts off could be experiencing overheating due to restricted airflow, a faulty thermostat, or a defective thermal cutoff. Ensure proper ventilation and consult a technician for repairs if needed.

Wrinkled clothes can be a result of overloading the dryer, incorrect temperature settings, or a damaged drum seal. Follow the recommended load capacity and adjust settings accordingly. If the issue persists, seek professional advice.

Error codes on a dryer indicate specific malfunctions. Consult the manufacturer’s manual or website to interpret the error code and determine the necessary steps. If unsure, contacting a professional is recommended.